they would tow there grandmoms car to make $10 *** crooks. they are so illegal its not funny. i have all intentions of havin the state check them out as i had my own towing service and know it is not easy they just do the minimum to get by well if its up to me iull have the state police so far up there *** it is not funny i hope these cooked *** get put out of business i do not have a problem with some one making a dollar but stop robbing people a driver told me he would drop my car for $50 just do not call it in so be real you ***

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Looking to use a towing company in the Manassas area and I rely on reviews.But to be honest, Fastlane Towing and Recovery doesn't even exist.

Who are you guys complaining about?Beginning to doubt this entire website.


Have you ever heard of Lincoln Park Towing in Chicago?They are so bad they even wrote a song about them.

It would cost a lot more than $50 bucks to drop your car.Talk about crooks!!


Is towing my son's vehicle from the apartment complex where we reside, with the appropriate decal displayed, refusing to accept a credit card (which is illegal on their part) in broad daylight when there is MORE than ample parking is a JOB? Not to mention, when we went to pick up the vehicle, after the company representative refused to accept our credit card my son drove his vehicle OFF their lot so the representative jumps in front of my car holding me against my will, WHY?

to IhateCrooks Haskell, Oklahoma, United States #959544

as far as i know its Not illegal for them to not take a credit card not all places have a credit machine. They had no right to hold u there but ur son did something its called Theft and he could hhave gone to jail. What should of happened is get the money out of an atm pay the fee then take them to court if they towed it for no reason



People never wanna take responsibility for there own actions.We use Fast Lane Towing because people are illegally parking in our lot.

These guys are just doing there jobs.STOP PARKING WHERE THERE ARE SIGNS SAYING "IF YOU PARK HERE YOU WILL BE TOWED." Or get towed and pay the price......

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